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Corporate Governance

Our Business Law Group understands the challenges of corporate governance and understands that they differ from one industry to another. With experience in virtually all aspects of managing and governing private organizations, our Business Law Group are trusted advisors to board of directors, board committees, officers, trustees and special committees.  

Our team has extensive experience assisting with ethical and fiduciary responsibilities, shareholders’ meetings, accountability and transparency. Our Business Law Group regularly advise on:

  • How your board is managing risk;  
  • Ensuring the compliance and independence of Directors and Trustees;  
  • Areas of Potential Liability;  
  • Audit and Compliance Procedures;  
  • Conflicts of Interest;  
  • Directors’ and Officers’ duties and liabilities;  
  • Internal controls; and  
  • Management succession and compensation

Leveraging our team's knowledge of Corporate Governance best practices and risk mitigation strategies as your private business grows is fundamental to the long term sustainability of your organization. For more information about how we can help you, please contact us.

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