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Corporate Structuring & Restructuring

As a firm with an extensive experience in construction litigation, we know better than most the truth of the statement that a building is only as good as its foundation. So too is a company only as flexible as its structure will allow. At Bianchi Presta LLP we take the time to learn about your unique circumstances and we provide practical legal advice based on your current and anticipated business needs and realities. We work together with your tax planning professionals to develop the most logical and cost-effective structure for your business whether you come to us to incorporate or to restructure your existing business.   

With our forward-thinking approach, our firm has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in achieving your long term goals. A lifetime of work and dedication should be protected with proper business succession planning. A successful inter-generational transfer of your business requires an individualized strategy and a well-planned approach. Our experienced business lawyers seek to ensure efficiency and success in creating and executing your personalized succession plan.

Bianchi Presta's Business Law Group is at your service. We have been delivering sound, practical corporate structuring and restructuring advice since our firm's inception. Please contact us for more information about how our dedicated team can assist you.

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