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Starting a Business

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or are starting your first business, our Business Law Group will assist you in setting up your new company in conjunction with your accounting and/or tax professionals. Our lawyers will help structure your business in a tax efficient manner with the assistance of your tax professionals based on your needs and provide you with sound legal advice to help you achieve your start-up objectives.  

Interested in incorporating your new business? 

Bianchi Presta offers New Incorporation Startup packages which are intended to give your business a firm start. This package includes:   

  • An Initial Intake and Consultation Meeting;   
  • Federal or Ontario Incorporation which consists of:
  1. Director and Shareholder Resolutions;   
  2. Articles of Incorporation;   
  3. Corporate Bylaws;  
  4. Share Certificates;   
  5. Director, Officer and Shareholder Registers;   
  6. Corporate Minute Book and Corporate Seal.  

We also offer similar packages for partnerships and sole proprietorships.

Our Business Law Group is dedicated to getting your business off the ground and running so that you can focus on your business operations with peace of mind. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you.

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