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Construction Law

Risk management is a key component of any construction project, and every participant associated with such projects must take the necessary steps to assess and reduce risk wherever possible, as well as enforce their interests should disputes occur. The stakes can be high, from financial losses caused by cost overruns, or poor-quality construction. It is for these reasons that, when looking for representation, all participants within the construction pyramid should look for construction lawyers that are willing to work with them throughout the whole lifecycle of a project. Our Construction Law Group is willing to do just that. 

Our Construction Law Group regularly acts for a variety of construction industry participants, such as private sector owners, general contractors, construction managers, designers and builders, subcontractors, architects and engineers in all matters that arise during the lifecycle of a construction project. From land acquisition, assisting with financing issues, negotiating, reviewing and drafting construction contracts, to construction lien claims, warranty issues and claims, subcontractor disputes, and contractual claims, we will be able to provide you with skilled negotiation and, if disputes arise, effective legal action.

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