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Family Law Fees Options

Legal services can be costly, and in family law particularly, the cost can be overwhelming if litigation becomes necessary. We recognize the importance to our clients of receiving legal services which are tailored to their individual legal and economic needs. To that end, we offer several billing approaches for family law matters.

During the initial meeting, we will review your case and discuss cost-effective options and strategies available to you. It is important to us that we understand your objectives and concerns and present you with your best course of action and anticipated expense of each stage of your family law matter. This approach ensures that you will be fully informed of and maintain control over your legal costs.

In most non-litigation cases (e.g., marriage contracts, most separation agreements), we offer our clients predictable pricing through a fixed-fee retainer.

In family litigation matters, we offer the more traditional billable hour arrangement.  Estimates are provided, and we strive to complete the work accordingly in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  

In appropriate family law situations, we offer the option of unbundled legal services for several discrete legal tasks. If this option is indicated, during the first meeting, we can determine the specific legal tasks, prepare an itemized plan specifying the extent of our involvement and the fee associated with each step. 

Family Law Consultations

Many lawyers offer free 30 minute initial consultations. The reality is that family law matters are very often complex, and there are many issues that need to be identified and questions that need to be asked. Thirty minutes is far too short a time to learn enough about a family law matter so as to provide legal advice appropriate and specific to the situation. 

Our family law consultations are 90 minutes in length, at a flat rate inclusive of HST. This allows the client plenty of time to provide all the relevant details of their situation and more importantly, to ask all the questions that they have, without feeling rushed, or overwhelmed by the information. In addition, possible strategies and options are considered and provided, both verbally, and in a follow-up summary report.

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