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Construction Lien Actions & Bond Claims

Parties involved in the construction industry constantly face financial risks, and as such, a construction lien may be employed to provide participants in a particular construction project with some certainty. A construction lien creates interest in the land in favour of those participants who supply materials and services, thereby preventing an owner from receiving the improved land without making payments for said improvement. However, such construction liens often come with a bundle complicated obligations and rights, and if these are not properly understood, the construction project may be severely hindered. 

Bianchi Presta LLP’s seasoned Construction Law Group thoroughly understand the ins and outs the Construction Lien Act, meaning that we bring with us a wealth of knowledge concerning the pitfalls and remedies associated with construction liens. When representing our clients, we will highlight opportunities for satisfactory resolutions, ensure that liens are enforced, as well as educate clients on what services and materials are “lienable”.

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