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Spousal Support

Upon breakdown of a spousal relationship, there are a variety of issues that must be addressed and determined to arrive at a resolution of spousal support. Spousal support is not mandatory and therefore, entitlement to support (and the type of support) must be established, and then, amount and duration must be determined, as well as the form of payment (monthly or lump sum).  

Entitlement involves considerations of length of marriage, relationship, age, employment history, role during the marriage or relationship, and current and future prospects. Amount is affected by level and type of income and employment. Duration is affected by length of marriage or relationship, and current and future employment. Each issue can become a very emotional and disputed topic.

Even after an agreement is reached, changes in income, needs, living arrangements and marital status may trigger the need for a review or variation of the spousal support obligation.

We will provide you a comprehensive analysis of these issues, and help you decide on the best approach so as to minimize conflicts, while advocating on your behalf to achieve a fair and sustainable resolution. 

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