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Division of Property

Division and equalization of property upon the breakdown of a relationship can be confusing, frustrating and stressful, particularly when complex assets are owned by the spouses (for example, investments, business interests, trust interests, multiple properties, and pensions). 

The basic principle for married spouses is that any gains (or losses) in each spouse’s net worth during the marriage are to be split evenly (“equalized”). But there are numerous exceptions (for example, gifts and inheritances) that can complicate the process, and there are various factors (marital status, the matrimonial home, valuations) which will influence the final division. 

At Bianchi Presta LLP, we have the experience to help you achieve a fair and accurate division of your property, whether it consists of your home and savings, or a more complex portfolio of assets. We will protect your interests and guide you through the process of establishing the assets owned prior and acquired during the relationship, ensuring that the asset values are established through proper evidence, and by experts where required, and that any exceptions or factors affecting the equalization are applied properly. 

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